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Married by Michaelmas

When three women’s lives come together in a mad Regency tale of flight and pursuit, things go rather awry…

The latest release by Kate Westwood!

Kate Westwood’s newest release, Married by Michaelmas, is a Georgette Heyer-inspired Regency romp that will delight readers while having them clinging to their seats! Will Camilla, Alice and Louisa find their destinies, or will true love be thwarted as they throw caution to the winds?

Married by Michaelmas is the fast-paced tale of three women, all bound on a path away from matrimony for various reasons…but fate always has a tendency to have its own way, and for Camilla, Louisa and Alice, there are enough mix-ups, intrigues and angst-ridden moments of pursuit and discovery, that they each must question their choices in life.
Along the way they each must dodge unwanted suitors, untangle mixed identities, and generally try to behave like the decorous Regency ladies they are, all while attempting to avoid their individual fates!

Married by Michaelmas is sure to please, with it fast paced action, its tongue-in-cheek humour, and its colourful assortment of characters.

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When Catherine Morland married Henry Tilney, she was sure the seemingly cosy Woodston parsonage could not harbour any secrets such as she had imagined to lurk at Northanger Abbey. It is not long, however, before Catherine finds that there may be more skeletons in Woodston's closets than she could ever wish for to occupy her imagination.
Meanwhile, determined to become a perfect wife, Catherine gets herself into one scrape after another, and it is not long before she gives up hope of ever gaining Henry's respect. When temptation visits Woodston in the form of a charismatic drawing instructor, all seems lost and Henry and Catherine seem parted forever.
Will Catherine be able to uncover the secrets which haunt Woodston and save her marriage?

Many of Northanger Abbey's beloved characters, including the rapacious Captain Frederick Tilney, the dour General Tilney,
Henry's beloved sister Eleanor, and the despicable flirt, Isabella Thorpe, make appearances in the novel, bringing to the tale a feel of a real sequel to the stories begun in Austen's novel.

The Value of an Anne Elliot regency romance novel

The Value of an Anne Elliot

War looms- Napoleon has escaped exile on Elba, and is massing an army on the Prussian border. Captain Frederick Wentworth must answer the call of duty, leaving Anne at Kellynch with the Crofts. His absence is a trial to Anne, but she must deal with further tragic news from the front, family scandals, and the arrival of Henry and Mary Crawford (the infamous brother sister duo from Austen's Mansfield Park) who wreak even more havoc in their wakes.

Anne's enduring qualities of sensibleness and gentle good nature are severely tested as events at Kellynch, Bath and across the English channel, force her to confront her fears and endure the thought of loss of all that is dear to her.

Anne is put through many trials, but will her second chance at love survive war, scandal and bitter tragedy?

A Bath Affair

Clemence Hurst is an unusual young lady. Rich and single, she has a burning desire for freedom. But she never bargained on meeting the one person in Bath who could throw all her dearly-held notions of happiness into disarray! Falling for a known rakehell, she must also drive off an unwanted suitor, and rescue her sister in law from a scrape which brings disgrace to the family!
Frederick Wolverton’s rakish past is no secret, but when he meets Clemence, it will take much to convince her of his changed ways. When a scandalous secret is exposed, all chaos breaks out and it seems Wolverton and Clemence are lost to each other. All Clemence wants is to run into the comforting arms of Frederick Wolverton, but can she get past the obstacles in her own mind, before it is too late?

Beauty and the Beast of Thornleigh regency romance novel

Beauty and the Beast of Thornleigh

At twenty three, Georgiana Hall has received no offers of marriage, for she harbours an inconvenient secret, which deters suitors. Captain Asher Brandt, a man haunted by the past, is on a mission. To retain guardianship of his dead brother’s child, he must take a wife. Although Georgiana is determined not to be that woman, fate may have other ideas!
A beauty with a limp, a beast with a scarred face, an unthinkable proposal, and a duel for a maiden’s honour –anyone who has ever wished for a Regency Romance with a real Austen-like feel will love this romance novel

A Scandal at Delford regency romance novel

A Scandal at delford

Charlotte Milton accepts an invitation to spend the summer with her cousin at Delford after the loss of her mother and the remarriage of her father. She soon meets Sir Benedict Markham and finds herself wondering if spending the summer in his home is not exchanging one difficult situation for another! When family scandal looms, can Charlotte convince Sir Benedict that disaster looms? Will her dislike of Sir Benedict prevent her from seeing the truth of her own feelings?

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Kate Westwood writes traditional Regency Romance novels filled with romance, intrigue and scandal, that will delight dedicated regency fans.

If you enjoy Austenesque/ Heyer style writing, genuine regency language and stories that are more in keeping with real regency life, you will enjoy the novels of Kate Westwood.