May 27, 2021
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Jane Austen Fan Fiction- Recommended Favourites List.

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There are few writers who can claim to having created a post-humous cult following, but Jane Austen is one of them. Her novels have inspired literally hundreds of fan-fiction writers, who have gone on to create hundreds upon hundreds of prequels, sequels, spin offs, alternative endings and alternate-view narratives. Thank god, for those of us who cannot get enough Austen, we now have a virtually unlimited supply of novels, novelettes, spoofs and short stories from which to choose.

I have by no means read all or most or even half of these offerings, but for what it is worth, I decided to make a short list of eleven (it was meant to be ten, but I couldn’t pick which one not to mention!) of those works I have read, and would recommend for other Janeites, Austen-lovers, and JAFF-devotees. This is my list only, and it is by no means exhaustive or comprehensive—these are just the ones which spring to mind as ones which I have read and personally loved, for one reason or another.

In no particular order of excellence, I therefore present The List:

The Assistant
by Riana Everly

by Jane Austen and "another Lady"

The Watsons
by Jane Austen and Joan Aiken

by Jo Baker

The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen
by Syrie James

Murder at Northanger Abbey
by Shannon Winslow

by Kwen D Griffeth

The Third Sister
by Julia Barrett

The Youngest Miss Ward
by Joan Aiken

by Jane Austen and Juliet Shapiro

Pride and Promiscuity –
by Arielle Eckstut

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