About Kate Westwood

Kate Westwood

Kate Westwood is the author's pseudonym. Kate has a background in academic writing and editing, and holds a Master's degree in English Literature. Having had a life-long dream to write novels, she finally turned her pen to regency romance after finding that there was a need for a new style of writing regency.

She found that only a few contemporary regency romance novels really satisfied her thirst for authentic idiom, and a more believable, more Austen-esque, regency story. So, she took up her pen and found great delight in creating an Austen-like experience for her readers.

Kate enjoys writing and loves all things ‘Austeny’ and regency. Kate has always been a huge fan of Austen and her contemporaries, as well as Georgette Heyer, the person who turned regency romance into a THING in the 50s and 60s. Now Kate strives to recreate that same authentic regency feel for the reader, writing both original stand-alone stories, as well as Jane Austen Fan Fiction sequels.

Kate lives in the Gold Coast/Brisbane area of Australia, has three grown up sons, one feline fur-baby, a family of tame curlews, a gorgeous possum mum and joey who live in her backyard, and other assorted urban backyard wildlife!

When she is not writing, Kate loves to write blogs for her website and Facebook page, play classical piano, walk and hike in the beautiful nearby hinterland areas, swim with the fishes at the local beach, read voraciously, watch regency-period movies, and travel whenever she can. She loves to hear from readers so please email her or comment on her Facebook page with your comments and questions.

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