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Novels by Kate Westwood

Kate Westwood regency romance site decoration

After Anne Elliot marries Captain Frederick Wentworth, what happens next? Will her second chance at love survive war, scandal, and bitter tragedy?

A sensible young lady, her flighty cousin, a charming guardian, a mercenary Earl, deceit and scandal, and the exquisite agony of unrequited love!

A Beauty with a limp, a Beast with a scarred face, an unwanted proposal, a matchmaking aunt, a carriage journey in a snowstorm, a duel for a maiden’s honour, and the perfect happiness of a love returned!

Clemence Hurst is an unusual young lady. Rich and single, she has a burning desire for freedom. But she never bargained on meeting the one person in Bath who could throw all her dearly-held notions of happiness into disarray!

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