Married by Michaelmas

When three women’s lives come together in a mad Regency tale of flight and pursuit, things go rather awry as expectations are disappointed, suitors spurned, and happy endings seem further off than ever before. Will Camilla, Alice and Louisa find their destinies or will true love be thwarted as they throw caution to the winds?

Married by Michaelmas is the fast-paced tale of three women, all bound on a path away from matrimony for various reasons…but fate always has a tendency to have its own way, and for Camilla, Louisa and Alice, there are enough mix-ups, intrigues and angst-ridden moments of pursuit and discovery, that they each must question their choices in life.
Along the way they each must dodge unwanted suitors, untangle mixed identities, and generally try to behave like the decorous Regency ladies they are, all while attempting to avoid their individual fates!
Married by Michaelmas is sure to please, with it fast paced action, its tongue-in-cheek humour, and its colourful assortment of characters.

The loss of her mother and the remarriage of her father have had a sobering effect on Miss Charlotte Milton. Charlotte readily accepts an invitation to spend the summer with her cousin at Delford, the home of her cousin’s guardian, where she hopes to deal with her sorrow and remove herself from a difficult situation at home. But almost as soon as she meets Sir Benedict Markham, sparks fly, and she finds herself wondering if spending the summer in his home is not exchanging one difficult situation for another!

Sir Benedict Markham takes his role as a guardian seriously, but past experience has made him cynical about love. His ward is bright, volatile and somewhat shallow, but when her cousin comes to visit, he discovers that Miss Charlotte Milton is a very different matter! She intrigues him, even as she infuriates him.

When Charlotte’s cousin is led astray, into the arms of a titled fortune hunter, can Charlotte convince Sir Benedict that scandal is imminent? Will Charlotte’s dislike of Sir Benedict prevent her from seeing the truth of her own feelings? And will Sir Benedict resolve his feelings about the past, before he can look to a future with Charlotte?

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