The Value of an Anne Elliot

A must-read for all Austen lovers, this story is sure to captivate and excite. Full of intrigue and surprise, with characters old and new, historical and fictional, the story never fails to delight!

War looms- Napoleon has escaped exile on Elba, and is massing an army on the Prussian border. Captain Frederick Wentworth must answer the call of duty, leaving Anne at Kellynch with the Crofts. His absence is a trial to Anne, but she must deal with further tragic news from the front, family scandals, and the arrival of Henry and Mary Crawford (the infamous brother sister duo from Austen's Mansfield Park) who wreak even more havoc in their wakes.

Anne's enduring qualities of sensibleness and gentle good nature are severely tested as events at Kellynch, Bath and across the English channel, force her to confront her fears and endure the thought of loss of all that is dear to her.

Anne is put through many trials, but will her second chance at love survive war, scandal and bitter tragedy?

Kate's latest novel, The Value of an Anne Elliot, is set to captivate the most exacting and dedicated Austen fans. This sequel to Jane Austen's enduring love story 'Persuasion' takes off where Persuasion left off, shortly after Anne and Wentworth have married. 

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