What happened after Catherine Moreland and Henry Tilney are married?

Well, it seemed to me that Catherine Moreland and Henry Tilney were not done at the end of Northanger Abbey. I mean, Catherine is a blushing ingenue bride, innocent and naive, and Henry, well, Henry is a man of the world, and as even Austen notes in her novel, nobody is perfect. ‘Upon this conviction, she would not be surprized if even in Henry[…]one slight imperfection might hereafter appear.’

Henry’s home, Woodston parsonage, seems perfect, cosy and inviting, and Catherine is expecting a happily-ever-after ending to her romance, but I could see that, although she had matured, her coming-of-age wasn’t quite complete. She is no housekeeper, and Henry no saint. So I followed Henry and Catherine as they passed through the front door of Woodston on the day of their marriage…and you will never guess what happened!

You will have to read the novel to find out more…

The loss of her mother and the remarriage of her father have had a sobering effect on Miss Charlotte Milton. Charlotte readily accepts an invitation to spend the summer with her cousin at Delford, the home of her cousin’s guardian, where she hopes to deal with her sorrow and remove herself from a difficult situation at home. But almost as soon as she meets Sir Benedict Markham, sparks fly, and she finds herself wondering if spending the summer in his home is not exchanging one difficult situation for another!

Sir Benedict Markham takes his role as a guardian seriously, but past experience has made him cynical about love. His ward is bright, volatile and somewhat shallow, but when her cousin comes to visit, he discovers that Miss Charlotte Milton is a very different matter! She intrigues him, even as she infuriates him.

When Charlotte’s cousin is led astray, into the arms of a titled fortune hunter, can Charlotte convince Sir Benedict that scandal is imminent? Will Charlotte’s dislike of Sir Benedict prevent her from seeing the truth of her own feelings? And will Sir Benedict resolve his feelings about the past, before he can look to a future with Charlotte?

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